About Us

We are a regulatory consulting firm, helping companies with regulatory licencing authorisation, compliance and consulting within payments and electronic money. Our focus and expertise has enabled us to work closely with regulators and understand the regulatory standards which are required from regulated firms. We work closely with third-parties to offer our client an true end-to-end service.

​At Regulatory Counsel, we spend time and take particular care in understanding our client's business, business model, their people, processes and operations. We have a particular focus on understanding our client's commercial proposition and help them achieve their financial objectives, assisting with auditing, compliance, legal and related services. 

Our team of regulatory and compliance experts combine their background across multiple sectors, including payments, fintech, electronic money and consumer credit. Together, they understand the issues faced by businesses who require authorisation or help with their compliance. We believe that most effective way of helping our clients is to first understand them and their business. From here, we advise them on licencing and on the conduct, regulations, and standards their business must meet. We then help them achieve these by working closely with them.

We specialise and focus in payments and e-money. We can help you to obtain your payment or e-money licence, be compliant by helping you with your compliance obligations, and provide support and advice where required. As part of our licencing (authorisation) service, we spend time understanding your plans and ambitions and advise you on the best possible route and strategy.  

In additional to the licence authorisation service, we can assist you with additional services, such as, company formation, ongoing advisory and consulting, accounting, legal, Visa/Mastercard principal membership and operational setup. We offer an end-to-end service, taking responsibility for the entire project, including project planning and preparing all the required documents, such as your regulatory business plan, AML policy and financial statements.

Address: 45 Fitzroy Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 6EB

Telephone: 0207 164 6876  |  Email: info@regulatorycounsel.co.uk  |  International telephone: 442071646876

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