Authorised Payment Institution

If you are considering offering payment services in the United Kingdom or across Europe, you will require a payment institution licence in order to do so. 

Payment services

Activities which fall under and require a payment institution licence include:

If you wish to provide payment services in other European countries (EEA member states), you will require an Authorised Payment Institution (API) authorisation (licence). 


In order to become an Authorised Payment Institution, you will be require to meet certain regulatory conditions. First of all, depending on which of the above payment services you wish to offer, you will be subjected to an initial capital requirement - a sum of money that you will need to show you have in place to the regulator. Additionally, you must demonstrate that your 'mind and management' is in the United Kingdom, or in the country in which you wish to obtain the licence I.e. Germany or Ireland. This means that you must invest in having in place a physical office - virtual offices are not acceptable. Furthermore, the regulator will expect you to have sufficient non-financial resources in place to operate the business. This means having a suitable number of employees in place to manage the functions within your firm, such as compliance. You are able to outsource functionality of your firm I.e. technology to third parties or perhaps your parent company based in another country. We are able to advise and help you in ensuring that you meet all the conditions and requirements. 


As an Authorised Payment Institution (API), you can provide payment service in other European countries, the European Economic Area (EEA). 

If you would like to offer payment service in Europe, or any other part of the world, Regulatory Counsel can help you obtain the relevant overseas licencing and registration in order for to do so. 

Time frame & next steps

The regulator usually make a decision on an application in 3-4 months. This can sometimes take slightly longer. ​We also offer customers a faster service if required, where we can prepare and submit your application in  a shorter period of time.


Regulatory Counsel will manage your application from start to finish. We will also manage all correspondence and enquiries with the regulator and work closely with you in doing so. 

We have a 100% success rate for our authorised payment Institution (API) licence applications. 

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