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Electronic Money Institutions

We've been assisting Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) since 2013, providing support with FCA authorisation applications, compliance, and ongoing assistance. We enable firms to become authorised and provide e-money, such as card issuing, e-wallets and a number of payment services in a safe and compliant manner.


At Regulatory Counsel, we specialise in Electronic Money Institution (EMI) authorisation applications, committed to regulatory excellence. Leveraging extensive industry knowledge, our seasoned team offers tailored solutions to guide firms through the FCA authorisation process seamlessly. We prioritise a client-centric approach, ensuring clarity and confidence as you navigate the regulatory landscape.

Our EMI authorisation service is designed for businesses looking to offer regulated financial services. With a dedicated team, we are able to lead you through the FCA authorisation journey, ensuring compliance and providing ongoing support. 

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Who we help. 

For startups aspiring to become authorised payment institutions, Regulatory Counsel serves as a trusted guide on the path to FCA authorisation. Our seasoned team, well-versed in the intricacies of regulatory processes, is dedicated to supporting new entrants in the financial landscape. We understand the unique challenges that startups face and offer tailored assistance in navigating the FCA authorisation journey. From providing expert advice on compliance frameworks to offering strategic insights, we are committed to empowering startups to achieve regulatory approval with confidence. Let us be your partner in realising your vision as a duly authorised payment institution.

Established fintechs

For established fintech firms and existing payment institutions eyeing expansion into new European territories, Regulatory Counsel stands as a reliable partner with an in-depth understanding of cross-border compliance. With a wealth of experience and industry knowledge, our seasoned team is well-equipped to assist in navigating the complexities of regulatory requirements when expanding into new European markets. Our tailored solutions are designed to facilitate a smooth and compliant entry into diverse regulatory landscapes. Let us support your strategic expansion, ensuring regulatory excellence as you grow and operate seamlessly across European borders.

What we can help with.

Regulatory Counsel is a leading UK firm offering comprehensive FCA authorisation, compliance, training, consulting, and advisory services. 

We can help advise on the requirements and prepare your application for a successful FCA authorisation and application in the quickest time possible. We also help manage communication with the FCA.

FCA Compliance 

Our careful attention to compliance simplifies the intricacies of meeting regulatory requirements. We assess your operations, identify potential risks, and implement effective strategies to streamline compliance.


Our specific training programs provide teams with the latest knowledge and skills, helping them navigate complex financial regulations confidently. We help develop a culture of regulatory compliance, ensuring your employees stay informed with expert guidance and industry best practices.

Financial Crime

We offer services to ensure regulatory compliance and safeguard businesses from potential risks. Our experienced team provides tailored AML and CTF solutions, assisting in strengthening risk management practices and effectively safeguarding client operations.

Regulatory Reporting

We provide expert assistance in regulatory reporting to help firms meet their compliance obligations effectively. Our seasoned team can navigate complex reporting requirements, ensuring accurate and timely submissions to regulatory authorities.

Specialist Support

We offer expert support in specific and thematic areas, such as SM&CR implementation, consumer duty, vulnerable customers, and effective complaint handling. Our tailored solutions address regulatory challenges, ensuring clients achieve excellence with confidence.

About our firm.

Since 2013, Regulatory Counsel has guided firms through ever-evolving compliance landscapes. Our seasoned team, spanning various sectors, actively integrates compliance into day-to-day operations. With a keen eye on senior management responsibilities and consumer needs, we aim for commercial success while effectively managing compliance risks.

In an era of increasing regulatory complexity, our multi-sector specialists collaborate to gain nuanced insights into FCA interactions and industry trends. This collective expertise enables us to align business objectives with compliance requirements, offering tailored solutions that empower our clients to navigate regulations confidently. At Regulatory Counsel, we're dedicated to preserving your vision and objectives in the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Our People.

Our team of regulatory and compliance experts combine their backgrounds across multiple sectors. Together, they understand the issues faced by our clients and provide a bespoke service. Our service is expert-led. This means that when you engage with us, you will have direct access to a senior expert, usually at the director level. Our team combine strong regulatory expertise with commercial acumen. This means that they are able to understand your business in-depth and provide solutions built around it, unique to yourself. 

Why Regulatory Counsel.

With a track record of assisting several Electronic Money Institutions, Regulatory Counsel is
well-equipped to guide you and become part of journey.

Exceptional client

Our seasoned professionals are equipped with extensive knowledge in financial services regulation and dedicated to providing unmatched insights and guidance.

Whether you're navigating the authorisation process, fine-tuning compliance strategies, or enhancing staff capabilities, count on us for unwavering support throughout your journey.



Neon Lights

Next Steps.

Whether its licencing, compliance or something else, our experts are ready to understand your needs and offer a tailored solution. 

We can usually arrange a free same-day consultation to discuss your project. 

What our clients say.

"We wish to convey our sincere appreciation to the Regulatory Counsel team for their invaluable support during our Electronic Money Institution (EMI) authorisation application. Their strong grasp of regulations and thoughtful guidance played a pivotal role in navigating the intricacies of the application process.

The expertise, dedication, and commitment shown by their team were pivotal in the success of our EMI authorisation journey. Having a dependable partner by our side made a substantial difference. We anticipate a continued partnership with them across our business operations."

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